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My name is Tany. I graduated from The Art Institute of Vancouver majored in Digital Film and Video back in 2008 I believe every business has an exciting story to tell, the unique skills and passion of Canadian entrepreneurs is something to be valued and shared. I am passionate about bringing those stories alive and highlight the unique touch every business possess. I genuinely enjoy listening to entrepreneurs and feel a kinship with them. For me, every business has something extraordinary to showcase, and it's up to me to visually tell that story.


With my broadcast quality cameras and microphones I am able to come to any business and create stunning images. More importantly I take a conversation approach to my interviews so the business owners are relaxed and we get the to really important, the story. Why do you love what you do? How has your business impacted your customers? How have you added to the fabric of your community? And most importantly, I love to see happy customers; and it’s often emotional for both of us.

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