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Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing.

"I want customers find me on Google"

What is SEO?

The tool Google provides us to better our indexing is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In Distinct Graphics and Software Solutions, we follow a simple yet effective methodology to achieve a good Google ranking.We start with linking you with the right tools, carry by updating your code in necessary bits and find the right content makes the most for you.

Science of Search Engine Optimization
Op page Seo Optimization

In every step we are in touch with our clients and succeeding their goals is our top priority.

We understand not every one has the resources for a full SEO Optimization package.

Thus we provide on-page SEO packages as well.This is a good start if you never SEO’d your website.

There could be an occasion you might have a website, where you already have some technical and onsite SEO, however, you have the need for a better keyword analyses.We got you in this aspect too. This analyses might open your eyes which keywords needed to be updated and where are you standing in terms of keywords.


Social Media and organic SEO can drive the right traffic towards your website. These two marketing channels complement one another.

As Distinct Graphics and Software Solutions, we encourage our clients to use Social media in line with SEO . Traffic directed from Social media will increase your Web Traffic and that will reflect in your Google ranking.

You can also use your website and social media channels for your branding.For example, you are a coffee shop specialized on cupcakes.

In your website you may design it more to sell your products, but you may use only one social media channel to give recipes where as another channel could be utilized for promotions.

We do provide Social media Packages to help with our clients needs as part of our solutions.

  • 3 posts (for every week)
  • 1 30 sec movie or poster depending on the need.

If you like we can post them for you as well.

* any extra infographic and illustration requirements will be charged extra.

Keyword Research Road