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Often it can be confusing to choose which kind of application is better for your business.With so many alternatives out there and so much information, it’s a challenge to decide the most cost effective , and right tools which will increase your efficiency and generate business.. As a start- up entrepreneur, I resonate with this aspect of running a business well. In this article, I will try to shed some light on two similar applications which is being used by the industry currently..

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GOOGLE is an indexed search engine. In other words, everything goes on World Wide Web has to be indexed so it can be found, similar to a library. If it's not indexed, it probably goes under Dark Web (unindexed Web).

That's the logic of indexing. Make it easily findable when searched.

And, the tool Google gives us to better our indexing is called, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Moon And Stars

It was around summer 2018, i was going to PIXEL and PINTS meetup in downtown Calgary.If you are a developer or into technology and want to learn what's really happening in Calgary in terms of technology while having a beer with like minded people, this is the meet up for you. One of my close friends who is a full-stack developer was visiting us so I took him there.We were networking and getting the latest information on what's happening.

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VIP Tribe Member Spotlight

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Link Building Manupilation Technique

Building backlinks takes time and effort. It's worth the time put in from SEO stand of a point; however, with so many strategies out there, it's often hard to select the right plan or strategy applicable for your business.

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Global Outsourcing

As a startup in IT who works with remote workers, I found out these three methods helped me manage my business.

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